Counselling services

All of us deserve a helping hand, someone to care and lead us through the dark times. I believe I can offer this, by forming a safe working relationship, where we can work together in a warm, yet professional way.

My passion is in the belief that we have the ability to grow and
reach our potential.


How can counselling help?
Counselling presents you with the
foundations for self-growth, self-awareness
and self-acceptance. The emphasis is on
establishing a relationship of equality, trust
and understanding, where we can work
together to utilise techniques, which can
help us identify underlying causes, triggers,
establish strategies to cope and gain a
deeper understanding of ourselves.

I offer a Person Centered Counselling Service.
This creates the opportunity for you to
recognise and fulfill your inner potential, using
the resources and strengths within you.
Counselling is an effective intervention and
can be very rewarding and life changing.